Swan Qidenus

Qidenus Swan is a versatile document and book scanner that offers high speed scanning and can accommodate a large variety of material.
Invoices, contracts, files, magazines, books, etc. do not present a challenge to the Swan Scan, rather day-to-day business.
Give it a try and convince yourself that #itsthateasy!

Qidenus Smart

Due to the unique construction of SMART Book Scan 4.0 this manual system provides features which inherently outperform conventional flatbed scanners. The V-shape system in 100° angle treats the inserted material conservatively. The glass-plate of special coated glass supports the operator with ease in handling.

The latest CMOS sensors deliver outstanding image quality. The consequent machine composition results in outstanding productivity for a manual system. Finally: Form follows function. Innovative design.

Qidenus Mastered

Due to the combination of V-Shape book scan technology with integrated automation processes – based on mechatronic development – the Qidenus Mastered Book Scan 4.0 is classified as most efficient semi-automatic system on the market. Digitisation bureaus and end customers all over the world prove it.

The V-shape system is manufactured in 80°. Latest CMOS sensors deliver outstanding image quality. Every movement of the machine is automated. Page turning itself is done manually by the operator. No buttons to push. Construction and material usage is clearly configured for large scale digitisation.

Qidenus Robotic

Qidenus Robotic Book Scan is a full-automated scanning machine designed for large scale book digitisation. Due to the integration of all 3 operating modes – manual/semi-automated/full-automated – the robotic system illustrates the aggregated mechatronic know-how of Qidenus in one outstanding system.
The Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner is on the market since 2007, further developed every year, and market leading the field since 2010. All material in use is designed for heavy duty scanning and 24-7 operation. The machine construction results in outstanding scan throughput – fully automated.

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